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Concentrated Airblade™ hand drying technology

The development of the Dyson digital motor - one of the world's smallest 1600W motors, has enabled Dyson engineers to build a hand dryer that protrudes just 4 inches from the wall. It dries hands hygienically in 10 seconds.

£499.99 ex. VAT White
£549.99 ex. VAT Sprayed Nickel


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Dyson digital motor

Dyson digital motor V4

The latest Dyson digital motor spins at 90,000 a minute - generating enough power to draw in up to 35 litres of air per second.

Slim profile

The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer is just 4 inches deep, so it can be installed without recessing and the associated costs.

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Try the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer technology at all Welcome Break Service Stations

“It’s great that we have the new Dyson hand dryer in all of our service stations, it’s really helped us to improve the customer washroom experience when visiting Welcome Break” Simon Peene – Property and Safety Manager